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The company provides overhauls of industrial boilers starting from 120 kW by the following manufacturers: TAM STADLER, EMO, OMNICAL, TOPLOTA, WEISS, VIESSMANN, LOOS, KOHLBACH, TPK, DJURO DJAKOVIČ.

Boiler overhauls have several advantages compared to acquiring new ones:

  • During the overhaul all vital components of boilers are replaced (exhaust pipes, duct walls, combustion chamber... ) making them as new from the aspect of their performance, efficiency and lifetime;
  • Price of the overhaul does not exceed 50 % of the purchase price of a new boiler;
  • The services provided carry a three-year warranty;
  • Boiler overhauls are performed on site which is important for boiler rooms difficult to access. This makes construction as well as installation works unnecessary, there is also no need for lifts and permit application or any other additional administrative procedure.

Illustration of a boiler overhaul

BOILERS EMO SVN 2000 (Mežica mine) and TOPLOTA TH 125 NP
(KZ Goriška Brda)

1. The boiler is worn out or has been damaged during use.

2. Destroyed combustion chamber of a steam boiler: instead of a round it features a triangular shape.
3. Removed boiler parts: walls, combustion chamber.

4. Only the external enclosure of the boiler remains.

5. Production of new boiler parts: exhaust pipe, combustion chamber, duct walls.

6. After the completed overhaul the boiler is practically new, all vital elements have been replaced.
A pressure test is carried out and a 2-year warranty is provided.

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